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Acharyya, Swarnali, PhD Assistant Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology 851-4791
402B sa3141@cumc.columbia.edu
Biswas, Anup PhD Associate Research Scientist 851-4792 401A akb2180@cumc.columbia.edu
Coker, Courtney Staff Associate 851-4792 401A cc3703@cumc.columbia.edu
Han, Seoyoung Graduate student 851-4792 401A sh3844@columbia.edu
Hegde, Rohaan Undergraduate student 851-4792 401A  
Kim, Sean Undergraduate student 851-4792 401A  
Ma, Wanchao Senior Staff Associate 851-4792 401A wm49@cumc.columbia.edu
Shakri, Rushdi PhD Postdoctoral fellow 851-4792 401A as5797@cumc.columbia.edu
Zhong, Tim Graduate student 851-4792 401A tjz2104@cumc.columbia.edu

We welcome applications from highly motivated individuals who are interested in working on mechanisms of cancer progression. Please send us a brief statement of your research interest, your current CV and a list of references at sa3141@cumc.columbia.edu


Current Lab Members

Anup Biswas, Ph.D.
Courtney Coker
Samantha Fletcher
Seoyoung Han
Wanchao Ma
Rushdi Shakri
Tim Zhong

Former Lab Members

Cristina Zahonero Casans, Ph.D.
Medical Science Liason
Shire Pharmaceuticals

Kan Huang, M.D., Ph.D.
Now obtained faculty position in the
Division of Hematology/Oncology
Department of Medicine
University Of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri

Masatoshi Shiono, M.D., Ph.D.
Now obtained physician position in the
London Iryo Center, London, UK.


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