Biology of Cancer I Fall 2018

PATH G4500-001: FALL 2018

Course Directors: Anna Lasorella, M.D., Ph.D. (212) 851-5240
Richard Baer, Ph.D. (212) 851-5275
Location: Irving Cancer Research Center Auditorium
Ground Floor, 1130 St. Nicholas Ave., NY 10032
Time: Time: 5:00–6:20 PM on selected M & W


Date Day Lecturer Email address Topics Handouts
9/5/18 W A. Lasorella

Course structure and readings  
9/10 M A. Iavarone

Cell cycle: RB and related proteins  
9/12 W R. Baer Dominant oncogenes, I


9/17 M R. Baer Dominant oncogenes, II  
9/19 W A. Ferrando Molecular genetics of leukemia  
9/24 M V. Murty Tumor cytogenetics  
9/26 W No class      
10/1 M H. Hibshoosh Tumor pathology  
10/3 W S. Zha DNA repair and checkpoints  
10/8 M No class Columbus Day    
10/10 W T. Gonda Role of the tumor stroma  
10/15 M P. Dalerba Stem cells and cancer  
10/17 W

K. Olive
Take-home Midterm Exam 

Mouse models of cancer
Midterm Exam due 10/24

10/22 M

P. Sims

Systems Biology

10/24 W W. Gu
Turn in Midterm The p53 tumor suppressor


10/29 M

S. Acharyya Cancer metastasis  
10/31 W

C. Troy

Apoptosis and cancer

11/5 M C. Chio Cancer Metabolism  
11/7 W G. Su Pancreatic carcinoma as a cancer model  
11/12 M L. Pasqualucci Lymphoma as a cancer model  
11/14 W T. Palomero T cell lymphoma  
11/19 M No class Thanksgiving Week


11/21 W No class Thanksgiving Week    
11/26 W K. Basso MicroRNAs in cancer  
Last class
W A. Kim
+ Take-home
Final Exam

Skin cancers: biology & therapy  
 12/5 W Turn in Final Exam